Wheely 125 caliper is used to measure the parameters of train and tram wheels

  • Flange thickness (G) Sd
  • Flange Height (H) Sh
  • qR Factor (flange wear).


On the horizontal beam the slider indicates G parameter (flange thickness)
On the vertical beam the slider indicates H parameter (flange height).
There is another small scale to read qR factor.
Roller bracket distance can be 60 mm (tram) or 70 mm (railway). Other distances when an order is placed.

Wheely 125 is delivered with:

  • Wheely 125 caliper.
  • Square with standard values of G, H, qR and tread inclination P(0%).
  • Wheely 125 Gudar Tools conformity certificate
  • User’s guide.
  • Case of transport.


  • Wheely125 RAIL to measure parameters of train wheels
  • Wheely125 TRAM to measure parameters of tram wheels

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